Environments with wood improve the quality of life

Wood is a material that has been acquiring a special role in construction over the years. Due to its multiple properties and the beauty and elegance of its lines, little by little it has made its way into homes and buildings. Wood is part of our daily lives, to such an extent that it is considered a fundamental constructive and structural element in the most important works worldwide. CONFEMADERA and the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia have carried out a study that concludes that wood contains favorable properties for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it improves the quality of life of people who enjoy it on a daily basis, whether at home or at work. And it is that wood is a versatile material that has a wide variety of benefits for the quality of life and for the planet. This moldable material can be used both indoors and outdoors, adapting to the needs of the space and allowing us to enjoy its advantages. In addition, it is a resource that does not have a high price and that requires minimal maintenance. It is an ecological raw material and less intensive in energy consumption, more recyclable and biodegradable than other construction materials. Wood contributes to reducing climate change and its use helps create a more sustainable way of building. And it is that in Spain around 70% of the wood is recycled to be reused as raw material.

How does wood improve our quality of life?

An environment in which wood is the protagonist creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere, in addition to providing a feeling of spaciousness in the place where it is located. With this, it improves the quality of sleep and reduces the risk of suffering from coronary diseases. This is also related to the acoustic properties of wood, which favor continuous and uninterrupted sleep. Continuing with the great acoustic performance of wood, capable of dissipating sound waves, it should be noted that by stopping the reverberation no noise or echoes are produced. This translates into improved sound quality in rooms where multiple conversations take place and it is important not to miss information, such as meeting rooms. At ideatec we have a wide variety of wooden panels, both smooth or perforated, to acoustically condition this type of area in particular and any room in general. Además, la estructura de la madera se caracteriza por su composición de células huecas que dan como resultado una baja conductividad térmica. Como media, la madera es 15 veces mejor aislante térmico que un muro de hormigón. Los suelos de madera proporcionan confort térmico, manteniendo las estancias cálidas en invierno y más frías en verano. Esto reduce el riesgo de contraer un resfriado, así como de agravar dolencias como la artrosis o los problemas respiratorios. Ambientes más cálidos en invierno y más fríos en verano. Por último, la madera es un material amortiguador de impactos. Gracias a ella, caminar o hacer ejercicio encima reduce el riesgo de lesiones. Como ves, la lista de razones por las que los entornos de madera mejoran nuestra calidad de vida es muy amplia. Apuesta por este material para acondicionar tu hogar y confía en ideatec.