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ideatec flow

Wave cloud felt LWCF

Innovative design.

Made of recycled

polyester fiber.

ideatec flow

Wave cloud felt LWCF

Product with an innovative design that allows to acoustically condition all types of spaces both on walls and ceilings.
It is manufactured in recycled polyester fiber, which gives it excellent acoustic absorption properties while being a sustainable product with the environment. They are available in a wide range of colours, which increases their level of adaptation to interior decoration.

Standard finishes

Proyectos de Wave cloud felt LWCF

Acoustic properties

Average acoustic absorption coefficient
Weighted acoustic absorption coefficient
Noise reduction coefficient

Data studied

Test Conditions LWCF Dimensions Tkickness
Without plenum.
5 cm plenum height.
595 x 550 / 1095 x 1060 mm
6 mm

Absorption coefficient

Test scheme

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