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Architecture for work

The aesthetics of workspaces is one of the most relevant factors when setting up offices. However, modern spaces can produce a lack of comfort in workers. This is due to the agglomeration of noise that employees can hear over and over again. Therefore, it is essential to take into account the acoustics in work spaces for greater privacy and tranquility.

To place yourself in a happy workplace, several elements must be taken into account. These determine our mood and can affect our productivity. The elements can be: the lighting of the office, the work chair and the noise of people or machinery.


Keep in mind that people spend more than 70% of their time in workspaces. This is about 9 hours a day. Many studies indicate that the environmental quality of an office can have short and long-term effects in relation to the comfort, health and productivity of these people.

For this reason, it is essential to adapt work spaces to comply with the regulations established in relation to lighting, acoustics and the needs and rights of workers. It is important to offer a space for proactive workers. These spaces must also promote mobility and contact between workers. In recent decades we have been involved with the co-working trend. In a nutshell: we are done with work cubicles and territoriality.

Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions embarks on workspace projects in which the role of acoustics is essential for good worker performance. One of the star products for these places is from the ideatec FABRIC product range. Used in different functions such as: office dividers in co-working environments or for the ceiling or for the wall. The ideatec FABRIC product range provides a modern and aesthetic environment.

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