Diversus Project

One of our latest projects, and of which we are proud to have been a part, has been the Diversus restaurant, located in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona).

This restaurant, with traditional dishes with a certain avant-garde character, has wanted to work with Ideatec to modernize the image of the premises at the same time that they wanted to improve the acoustics, and the result is more than surprising!

To achieve this excellent finish, we have used two different products from our catalogue. Firstly, there is the Ideacustic HIGH 16 Acoustic Panel, which we can find both on the ceiling and on the walls. These sound-absorbing panels offer a neat and sophisticated aesthetic as they are made of wooden slats, which in this case have a Cherry-colored melamine finish.

These types of panels are one of our most efficient and attractive acoustic solutions, differentiating themselves by having a higher percentage of perforation and by having a smaller separation between the different channels. In addition, these products have the possibility of having both a fire-retardant and a water-repellent treatment, protecting the material from fire and water, respectively, which is always a safety plus when working with premises that are highly trafficked on a day-to-day basis. .

Likewise, to carry out this project, 7 units of the product ECOTEX on one of the walls. The client wanted to add his own final design to these sheets. At IDEATEC we like to work with products that are adaptable to the client’s demands and that can be customized to taste, being able to add printed or engraved designs to these textiles that are provided by the client.

Furthermore, as this last product is textile, it should be added that it is fully washable and offers high resistance to dirt and scratches (depending on the finishing material). Being made of polyester fiber and a heat-bonded acoustic veil, it offers a fairly high sound absorption capacity; therefore, in addition to dressing up the room, it is extremely useful so that the quality of the sound is favored.

Both the Ideacustic HIGH 16 Panel and the ECOTEX product are recyclable, so in addition to being an acoustic and visual solution, they are also faithful to the company’s ideology of being environmentally responsible.

Acoustics, finish and quality with IDEATEC, you can’t ask for more from a product!