Decorative sound-absorbing panels. Which to choose?

Choosing the best wooden acoustic conditioning system for false ceilings does not imply that it has to be an unattractive structure, far from it. Thanks to innovations in the sector, we can now find sound-absorbing decorative panels that fit perfectly into the style of the environment without losing an iota of quality.

To choose the decorative acoustic panel that best suits our needs, we first have to be clear about what they are. There are suspended ceilings with sound-absorbing properties with different types of conditioning. Depending on where they are going to be installed and what use the room has, we will choose medium, high or very high insulation.

And once the technical characteristics have been chosen, it remains to focus on the design. At Ideatec you can find dozens of models of decorative acoustic panels that, while maintaining a magnificent level of quality, offer a touch of style. Most of the models are available in a wide variety of à la carte lacquered textures and colours. So, without a doubt, the hardest part will be deciding which one you like the most.

If you have doubts about choosing between one range of products or another, you can rely on the expert advice of our team of professionals, who will guide and accompany you throughout the process.

At Ideatec you can find both wooden and textile acoustic panels, as well as a novelty that is on the rise: the sound-absorbing moss modules from the Ideatec garden line. The latter are perfect for interior green spaces, where design and aesthetics prevail. They are panels with optimal soundproofing properties, totally safe and hypoallergenic, and can be found in 6 different colours. Without a doubt, a safe bet for those who want to give a touch of class and avant-garde to their interior spaces.

Have you already decided which sound-absorbing acoustic panel design best suits your project? We hope we have been of help to you. See you soon!