Continuous noise and variable noise

At Ideatec we are much more than experts in acoustic solutions: we are experts in quality of life, and for this reason we offer you different acoustic solutions. We offer you a personalized service so that you can find the best acoustic conditioning for any stay: from hotels and restaurants to your home. Noise is a pollutant that can only be perceived with one sense: the ear, which means that it is ultimately underestimated and its great impact is not given much importance, reinforced by the difficulty of being measured and quantified. The European Union recognizes that noise pollution is one of the main environmental problems, why don’t we start trying to avoid it?

What is continuous noise and what is variable noise?

Noise, by definition, is an unwanted and unpleasant sound. Not all noises are the same and for this reason we distinguish between two types depending on the intensity and the period of time to which we are exposed: continuous noise and variable noise. Contrary to what one might think, this classification is based on a psychological issue rather than an acoustic issue. The continuous noise, is one whose intensity remains constant or with small ups and downs, for a long time. This type of noise is normally produced by machines such as pumps, fans or process equipment. It only takes a few minutes to measure the noise level produced by these devices. An ideal acoustic solution is sound-absorbing textile modules for walls and ceilings. To reduce the effect of continuous noise, we recommend acoustic diffusers. These create the ideal environment in which participants can enjoy communication without the hindrance of sounds produced by machinery. For the prevention of occupational risks, this noise is considered the most harmful and the main cause of hearing loss for those people who are exposed to it. On the other hand, the variable noise is the one that comes from emission sources that we are used to because we have them present on a daily basis. However, these are the cause of a discomfort that causes a multitude of cognitive problems, such as car traffic, planes, construction sites, etc. They are noises that increase and decrease very quickly but occur continuously. In the case of isolated noises such as that produced by cars. To measure variable noise, we look at the exposure level. To curb variable noise, products made of acoustic foam are light and versatile. This means that they not only offer a great acoustic result, but also adapt to the aesthetic needs of the room. Foam panels multiply the potential of acoustic solutions to put an end to this phenomenon.