Conferences at InteriHotel

InteriHotel 2017 better than ever!

On October 25, 26 and 27 we had the pleasure of participating in the fair organized by InteriHotel. That was held at the CCIB in Barcelona (International Convention Center). The fair was a success, we felt wonderfully welcomed at all times. As we like it best among determined clients, who know what they are looking for and need. We were lucky to receive attendees from all over the world and with a high interest in the products that Ideatec humbly offers. The truth is that today acoustics is increasingly important and at Ideatec we are proud to be pioneers in this field. Here we leave you some photos of the Stand that we set up for this fair and of which we are very proud.
Stand en la feria de InteriHotel con panesles acústicos de diseño y calidad

Some of the answers we gave in the interview they gave us at InteriHotel

Is there any trend that stands out from the rest in decorative projects?

Design continues to be the point of convergence in all hotel projects, but every time, we find more projects that opt ​​for ecological solutions. That they commit to the environment and that they respect the new needs of customers. Another trend that is emerging with increasing popularity is the demand for products that provide an acoustic solution. This is due to the awareness of architects, construction laws and requirements and, increasingly, of the final consumer, who understands the problems that poor sound treatment or conditioning can cause on their health, enjoyment or general well-being. the experience.

What are the latest developments you are working on?

Materials are changing a lot, now we are betting on felt made from natural wool and recycled polyester. Materials that allow us to offer products with a designer finish. That they cover the acoustic needs and that on top of that they are ecological. And let’s not forget the plus of installation, much easier and faster than other materials, without a doubt it is a material that will be widely accepted by the market.

We also take advantage of the InteriHotel fair to present new products!

Colortex: High-density mineral fiber with the possibility of finishing in a color palette, as well as incorporating aromatic solutions. Counting with maximum absorption coefficients. Ideafelt: It is a high-density polyester fiber compound with a natural wool felt finish, having a high absorption coefficient with a reduced thickness. Block: Volumetric composition of high-density mineral fiber with textile coating that provides maximum absorption. From the Ideatec Team, we would like to thank all of you who were able to attend and visit us at the fair for your assistance.