Conditionnement acoustic du Mall of Qatar

Once again, at Ideatec we have the pleasure of presenting you one of our projects. This time we travel to Qatar, specifically to Doha, the heart of the country. In it we had the opportunity to work on the acoustic conditioning of its new shopping center.

The Mall of Qatar opened its doors in 2016, introducing an innovative concept in the country. Its 500,000 square meters are home to shops of all kinds, a wide variety of restaurants and leisure options. Its main objective was to create a center where people of all ages could come and have fun.

The installer we had the pleasure of working with was Stream Acoustic & Thermal and his team, a reference in the Middle East specialized in acoustic absorption and sound conditioning solutions, both for vibrations and structural noise.

The project consisted of the installation of adequate acoustic absorbent material to control the different auditory factors that affect the space. In a building as busy as a shopping center, a place where many people pass through every day, it is essential to stop reverberation and ensure that background noise that can become annoying for visitors is not heard. To do this, the ideatec team installed several models of acoustic panels from the ideatec acustic family, which provide great results in sound absorbency without leaving behind their attractive design.

Wood is the quintessential acoustic absorber, as it traps and dissipates sound waves. In this case, the walls were covered in open spaces such as corridors and the hall. The product we used for this was Ideatec acustic Pro8. These panels are grooved on the surface and have holes on the back. For this reason, its acoustic absorption capacity is maximum, with an average coefficient of 0.75 for 5cm of total height of the Plenum + 4cm of rock wool.

The main idea was to achieve optimal acoustic absorbency results and, at the same time, achieve a modern and elegant design. To enhance this aspect, the client chose to install the curved Ideacustic Pro 8 panels using the FLEX system and in cherry-colored veneer, which brings warmth to the space.

Some additional features of these products are that they are panels resistant to both impacts and scratches, factors that are very important in spaces with a large influx of people every day. In addition, they are easily washable products, so they require minimal maintenance.

We are proud to present you the result of our work, carried out by our dedicated professionals for the Mall of Qatar, in which a quality acoustic conditioning and a spectacular finish were achieved.