Conditioning of the Foreign Affairs Chancellery of Panama

Once again, at ideatec we are pleased to present one of our latest projects, of which we are proud to have been a part. On this occasion we have reached the heart of Panama, specifically to its capital Panama City. We have participated in the acoustic conditioning of the Foreign Affairs Chancellery.

The remodeling of the Panamanian Foreign Affairs Ministry was carried out in 2017, aimed at modernizing its facilities. The idea was to provide a business space that was attractive and dynamic, where elegant lines but also acoustic comfort prevailed. Ideatec participated in the acoustic conditioning of the assembly hall and different offices in the building, contemporary-inspired spaces that also had to be as functional as possible.

The project consisted of the installation of suitable acoustic absorbent material to control the different auditory factors that affect the space and thus achieve noise reduction. In offices, specifically in common areas, it is essential to stop the reverberation and ensure that all the information that is transmitted is clearly heard. To do this, the ideatec team installed the panels ideatec acustic Standard 32 for the cladding of walls and ideatec perfo T32 for the creation of false ceilings, a solution as effective as it is elegant.

Both families of products, ideacustic and ideaperfo, provide excellent acoustic comfort in spaces related to high decoration. The finish chosen by the client was pecan Palermo, adapted to the elegant design of a building with these characteristics. Ideacustic 32 has an acoustic absorption and noise reduction coefficient of around 0.65 for 5cm of the total height of the Plenum plus 4cm of rock wool. For its part, ideatec perfo T32 has high absorption coefficients at medium and low frequencies.

Standard 32 by ideacustic is a technical product designed for spaces that require careful acoustics, based on a system of slots of different widths and perforation diameters. T32 by ideatec perfo has perforations with holes on its surface, which is attached to a layer of thermo-bonded acoustic veil. These options are ideal both for modern architecture projects and in more classic spaces, due to their ability to meet the needs of rooms where it is necessary to integrate design and acoustic absorption.

Other characteristics of these products are that they are easily washable, resistant to impacts, scratches and high dirt. Therefore, they have a long service life and do not require much maintenance. In addition, we adapt to the needs of the client and ideatec acustic 32 and ideatec perfo T32 can be curved using the FLEX system and covered with water-repellent and fire-retardant treatments.

With this, we are proud to present you the result of our work, carried out by our professionals with great dedication and effort for the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Panama, in which a quality acoustic conditioning was achieved with unparalleled aesthetics.