Conditioning Institute Madrid

At Ideatec we are pleased to present one of our latest projects, and of which we are proud to have been a part. This time, we have stayed in our country to install our products in an institute in the north of Madrid.

The work began during this same year and consisted of the acoustic conditioning of the auditorium of the enclosure. To be able to enjoy everything that happens on stage without losing detail, it is essential to install the right products. This can be done with different objectives: to minimize reverberation to achieve acoustic comfort in the room, to isolate the room from the rest of the building preventing sound from spreading to the outside, or a combination of both.

The team of installers with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating on this project was Serdeco, a benchmark in the management of projects related to construction.

The project consisted of the installation of adequate acoustic absorbent material to control the different auditory factors that affect the space and thus put an end to the annoying noise. In auditoriums, it is essential to stop the reverberation and ensure that those who are in the stalls hear clearly what is happening on stage. To do this, the Ideatec team installed Ideatec fabric Block acoustic panels, an effective solution with an avant-garde design.

The Ideafabric family stands out for its combination of innovation and design to offer great acoustic comfort and satisfy customer needs. Block is a sound-absorbing textile module that guarantees great acoustic absorption results. The chosen finish was Camira Cara, an acoustic textile fiber with colors inspired by nature. In the case of this institute, the chosen color was a scale of browns, which combined perfectly with the general aesthetics of the building.

To improve the auditory performance of the auditorium, the walls were covered using the hidden screwing system. It is a solution that only exposes the Block acoustic modules, hiding the screws necessary for their fastening.

Some additional characteristics of Ideafabric Block is its great resistance to both impacts and scratches. These aspects are very important in assembly halls, where a large number of people pass through the day. In addition, it is an easily washable product, so the maintenance it requires is minimal. At Ideatec we adjust to the acoustic and aesthetic demands of the room as well as to the needs of the client, so if the room requires it, we can apply fire-retardant or water-repellent treatments on request.

With this, we are pleased to present the fruit of our work, carried out by our professionals with a lot of dedication for this work, in which quality acoustic conditioning was achieved with unparalleled aesthetics.