Colortex lacquered modules, acoustic design absorption

At ideatec we are specialists in the manufacture of systems and services for comprehensive acoustics without neglecting the aesthetics of our panels, and for this reason we go one step further by offering our clients the range of products Ideatec fabric. It is a selection of sound-absorbing lacquered modules in which innovation and design are combined to offer great acoustic comfort and satisfy the needs of our customers.

One of the most outstanding products in this range is . They are decorative lacquered modules with great acoustic absorption results. Its installation on walls and ceilings helps to improve the acoustic quality in any room or space, without the need to carry out any type of work. Thanks to its high-density mineral fiber support, high noise reduction coefficients are obtained wherever they are placed.

Colortex is an ideal product to correct sound intelligibility problems caused by acoustic phenomena such as echoes, focalizations, high reverberation time and any effect that prevents people who are in a room. Therefore, its placement is highly recommended in high-rise spaces or where a large number of people are concentrated.

At ideatec we seek that all our products meet the needs of our customers in terms of sound absorption and design, which is why our Colortex lacquered modules are manufactured with the possibility of choosing a wide variety of lacquered colors à la carte. As the main novelty with respect to the rest of the products in the ideafabric family, it should be noted that Colortex incorporates a fragrance that provides a unique aroma to the room where it is located.

The placement of these lacquered modules does not require any change in the structure of the space. Installing Colortex modules on walls only requires the use of contact glue, double-sided adhesive or impaling clips. On ceilings, this product can be suspended using braided metal cable.

At ideatec we try to ensure that our products have a long useful life and that they resist the passage of time as if it were the first day. Therefore, Colorex textile modules are easily washable and may have a fire-retardant treatment at the request of the client.

At ideatec we offer Colortex sound-absorbing lacquered modules along with a wide variety of acoustic panels for walls and false ceilings, modules and partitions. All of them have careful attention to detail finishes that provide great acoustic performance with unbeatable aesthetics. Enjoy at ideatec a personalized treatment and products of guaranteed quality.