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Diversus restaurant in Dalt (2017)

Diversus restaurant in Dalt (2017) The fusion of the modern with the natural is a trend thanks to the wood finishes for wall and

House of Culture (2017)

House of Culture (2017) Space aimed at holding artistic activities, with a modern and professional design, together with great acoustic conditioning properties thanks to

Khalifa University Abu Dhabi (2017)

Khalifa University Abu Dhabi (2017) Product / Finish [smart_post_show id=”61308″] Gallery Video del proyecto[Button id=”2″]

Chancellery-Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2017)

Chancellery-Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2017) Modern and professional space with great acoustic conditioning thanks to the IDEATEC PERFO T32 panels for the ceiling and

Proyecto Universidad Católica de Valencia (2018)

Project Catholic University of Valencia (2018) Product / Finish [smart_post_show id=”65329″] Gallery Video del proyecto[Button id=”2″]

St. James Parish (2018)

St. James Parish (2018) A trendy parish that is committed to the avant-garde with its curved wooden ceilings from IDEATEC ACUSTIC STANDARD 32 where

Central Point Building (2022)

Central Point Building (2022) The fusion of the modern and the natural is a trend, and in large dimensions it creates an elegant and