Avant-garde decoration for the acoustic conditioning of your spaces. ideatec garden

Today there is an ecological trend worldwide. Over the years, many of us have learned that natural resources are not infinite and the damage generated by waste in the ecosystem. We have also realized that what is natural improves our health on a physical and emotional level. Bearing all this in mind, we will talk about how to achieve avant-garde decoration for the acoustic conditioning of your spaces in a natural and ecological way.

Ideatec garden; avant-garde for acoustic conditioning

If you are looking for an avant-garde element for the acoustic conditioning of a space, you will find it in Ideatec garden, panels that reduce noise, decorate and take care of the environment.

The creation of the Ideatec garden panels is made up of a base of polyester fiber covered with preserved moss. The synthetic material comes from 75% recycled material and the moss is 100% natural.

The appearance of the panels is modern and attractive, providing a natural look to the environment while protecting against noise pollution. To make it even more decorative, moss in up to 6 different colors is used, so it can be perfectly integrated into any decoration. At Ideatec we have different types of panels with which to achieve cutting-edge decoration for the acoustic conditioning of any space. In addition to the Ideagarden line, we have other options with really attractive and functional finishes in wood or fabric. Browse our website to learn about all the possibilities.