Angle Hotel Cram Restaurant (2020)

The fusion of haute cuisine and signature interior design through IDEATEC ACUSTIC High 16 in an oak finish. Its versatility and high decorative level allow its application in projects as demanding as the Angle Restaurant, with two Michelin stars.

IDEATEC ACUSTIC High 16 is an absorbent and decorative product that helps to improve acoustic quality in all types of interior spaces, offering a contemporary trend style with great technical features, easy to install and clean and with a high coefficient of acoustic absorption and reduction of noise. noise. It confers a style of natural harmony and is available in 15 à la carte lacquered textures and colours. It is a product that offers maximum demanding acoustic solutions.




GCA Architects


Dimaplac / Fusteria Fusdecor

Product / Finish

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Project video

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