Adidas Office Refurbishment Project

Once again, at ideatec we have the pleasure of presenting you one of the projects of which we have been a part. This time we reached Vitacura, a municipality located north of Santiago de Chile. This is the acoustic conditioning of the Adidas group office. This work began in 2016 and consisted of the acoustic conditioning of common areas and meeting rooms of the Adidas offices in Chile. Good sound quality in a building with these characteristics is essential, since it is necessary to be able to hold conversations and exchange information safely. Ideatec participated in the acoustic conditioning of Adidas offices, inspired by spaciousness and careful lines. The team of installers with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating was Sonoflex, a reference in the manufacture of cladding and insulation in South America. The first objective within the project was to define which ideatec product best suited the customer’s requirements. Secondly, and because it is a corporate space, we made several samples to find the right tone for the cladding. Finally, the acoustic absorbent material chosen were the panels of the Ideacustic, specifically Standard 32 and ideacustic Smooth. This is due to the fact that ideacustic 32 was perfectly suited to other coatings used in the project. The acoustic result achieved was as expected for venues such as meeting rooms, videoconference rooms, common spaces and others. Finally, ideacustic Liso was chosen with a white RAL 9010 lacquer for the continuity of the project design. ideacustic Standard 32 offers ideal performance for office characteristics thanks to its careful finish and that it provides acoustic results very good. These panels, with which different walls were covered, have an acoustic absorption and noise reduction coefficient of 0.65 for 5cm and the total height of the Plenum plus 4cm of rock wool. Although ideacustic Standard 32 and Smooth were installed with a standard finish, these panels can be curved using the FLEX system and present different treatments, such as water-repellent and fire-retardant. At ideatec we not only want to adapt to the characteristics of the room, but also to the needs of the client. In addition, it is a product that is resistant to both impacts and scratches, which is very important in spaces where many people are concentrated. With this, we are proud to present you the result of our work, carried out by our professionals with great dedication for the Adidas Group Offices in Vitacura, Chile. We are proud to show the quality acoustic conditioning carried out, combined with spectacular design.