Acoustic panels for the ceiling: Design and acoustic comfort

The new trends in construction facilitate the placement of insulation in the walls. The gap between the plasterboard plates and the masonry wall is perfect for soundproofing spaces, although it is even easier with wood or textile panels. But, to achieve the desired effects, it is also important to place acoustic panels for the ceiling. Why?

Why install acoustic panels for the ceiling?

For complete protection from sounds, it is essential to place sound-absorbing panels on the ceilings. To avoid environmental noise, for sound control in a large assembly hall, or even in private homes, such as noise caused by children, television, music or neighbors’ conversations are very disturbing on lower floors. It may be difficult to concentrate, listen, rest, relax listening to music, or communicate with others.

Which panels to place on the ceiling?

The best option to carry out any activity without disturbing or being disturbed is to place good insulation on floors, ceilings and walls. For a long time the idea of ​​placing it in the upper areas was discarded for aesthetic reasons, but today this problem does not exist. The acoustic-wood and the textile panels allow you to combine the functional and the decorative.

To reduce noise pollution it is not necessary to completely eliminate sounds. Excess in this sense also makes it difficult to hear clearly. It is best to find a balance using acoustic wood panels, which improve the reverberation of the sound and reduce it to the right extent.

At IDEATEC we have different acoustic panels for the ceiling. If you want or need to soundproof a space, we put at your disposal a team of professionals to advise you. Use our contact form to ask us any questions. We will be happy to help you.