Acoustic conditioning of the Cableworld Novelda offices

Again from Ideatec we are pleased to talk about a project in which we are part. In this case, we helped with the acoustic conditioning of the Comprehensive Customer Service Center at Cableworld, Novelda.

Operating for more than two decades, Cableworld proclaims itself “the benchmark telecommunications operator in Alicante and Murcia” . They are also pioneers in the development of fiber optics in these regions. In their offices, they decided that good acoustics were essential for their business development.


The Comprehensive Customer Service Center comprises two spaces separated by a glass partition. Then they began to talk about the acoustic and architectural project of the work. The project required a certain aesthetic quality, apart from good acoustic conditioning. For this, the use of ideatec FABRIC Fibertex panels was agreed upon.

Fibertex panels, thoroughly evaluated in the previous post of this blog, have excellent versatility. The fiberglass-based modular structure can be covered with 32 of the different fire-retardant textiles available. They are, therefore, perfect for different aesthetic projects. This textile is washable, which helps its maintenance. Besides, Fibertex panels can be installed on both ceilings and walls easily. Its fiberglass core provides high sound-absorbing qualities, considerably improving the acoustics of the place.

Maintaining good acoustics in a customer service space is essential. Especially in these types of places, it is necessary to fight for a great acoustic conditioning that allows conversations between workers and customers. Reverberation is an avoidable phenomenon, and for this reason, Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions works to produce quality panels.

To conclude, we are proud to present this project locally. In addition, we thank the Cableworld company for their trust and professionalism. At Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions we fight for the acoustic comfort of your specific space.