Acoustic conditioning of the Aguas de Barcelona Auditorium (AGBAR)

This month, at Ideatec we stay close to home to present you a project made in Spain: the fitting of the Aguas de Barcelona Auditorium (AGBAR). This project, of which we are proud to have been a part, is located in the town of Cornellá de Llobregat.

Located in an old water tank, the Museu AGBAR de les Aigües houses this unique auditorium. It is currently a multipurpose space, intended to host exhibitions, concerts, shows and a long list of activities.

This room has the latest innovations designed to guarantee the comfort of users. For example, it has a system of mobile seats, stored under the floor to be able to use the open room on necessary occasions. In short, the AGBAR auditorium is a space that is close, open to innovation, knowledge and dialogue.
The team of architects with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating was UNEN, a multidisciplinary team specializing in interior fittings.

The project consisted of the installation of suitable acoustic absorbent material to control the different auditory factors that affect the space and thus achieve noise reduction. In auditoriums, it is essential to stop the reverberation and ensure that those who are in the stalls hear clearly what is happening on stage. For this, the Ideatec team installed the panels Ideatec acustic 32 combined with the Ecotex textile modules, a solution as effective as it is elegant.

The Ideacustic family provides excellent acoustic comfort in spaces related to high decoration. In this case, the back of the auditorium was covered, enough to absorb the noise produced in the room. Ideatec acustic 32 has an acoustic absorption and noise reduction coefficient of around 0.65 for 5cm of the total height of the Plenum plus 4cm of rock wool.

Standard 32 by Ideatec acustic is a technical product designed for spaces that require careful acoustics, based on a system of slots of different widths and perforation diameters. These options are frequently used in modern architecture, as is the case of the AGBAR auditorium, due to their ability to meet the needs of rooms where it is necessary to integrate design and acoustic absorption. In addition, we try to go one step further and adapt to the curved shape of the room, curving the Standard 32 panels using the FLEX system.

For its part, the Ideatec fabric family stands out for its combination of innovation and design to offer great acoustic comfort and satisfy customer needs. Ecotex is a sound-absorbing textile module that guarantees great acoustic absorption results. The chosen finish was grey, which combines perfectly with the elegant design of Standard 32 and, ultimately, with the general aesthetics of the building.

Some additional features of both Standard 32 and Ideafabric Ecotex is its great resistance to both impacts and scratches. These aspects are very important in assembly halls, where a large number of people pass through the day. In addition, they can be covered with a fire-retardant or water-repellent treatment, upon request from the client.

With all this, we are proud to show the result of the acoustic conditioning of the AGBAR auditorium. In it, our professionals achieved quality results with unrivaled aesthetics.