Acoustic conditioning is not just absorption

People tend to think of acoustic conditioning as a technique to absorb excess sound and/or mitigate reverberation in a room, which is true. But there is a world beyond advantages that are not so well known at first. One of these advantages is the homogeneous diffusion of sound, that is, getting the sound we emit when speaking or coming from any other object to be radiated in all directions with the same intensity.

Most designers and architects set this goal as a goal, employing countless resources to achieve it. And it is that the acoustic diffusion of a room can be influenced by an infinity of details. As specific as the fact that the room has curtains, a carpet, or a visible wall. Therefore, studying in depth how to acoustically condition a room to perfection is quite a challenge.

Finding the optimal solution depends a lot on the type of use that is going to be given to the room, since each one will have different needs. For example, in an auditorium or a music room, good acoustics are vital in order to fully appreciate all the nuances of sound, as well as in a theater, conference room or cinema. Obviously, these rooms are large enough to accommodate a large number of people, so it will be inevitable that the sound will be lost if some measure is not installed to prevent it.

Acoustic conditioning is also most useful for smaller rooms. Rooms that we find in our daily lives, such as the office meeting room or our own living room. Sites, where we like to watch movies at night and that we enjoy more with surround sound.


Thinking precisely about this, that acoustic diffusion is just as important as acoustic absorption. Since each project has a different and optimal solution, at Ideatec we have launched our product Ideawave. This product line has different designs and characteristics that adapt to all the demands of our customers. That focus on an efficient diffusion of sound throughout the entire room.


Each and every one of our proposals is specially designed to acoustically accommodate the rooms, absorbing and homogeneously diffusing the sound from within the room so that each one of those present can perfectly appreciate all the nuances and/or or words. In addition, you can choose if you want to install it on the ceiling or on the wall.

Discover everything that acoustic panels can do to improve any room in your home, office or establishment. In addition, its unique designs with a very modern aesthetic will help you dress up any room. Contact Ideatec now!