Acoustic comfort in restaurants

According to a study carried out by Market Matrix, around 13% of customers say they would not return to a hotel because of the noise that is produced. Therefore, acoustic conditioning a restaurant has become a fundamental issue.

The importance of acoustic comfort in restaurants

It is logical that people in a restaurant talk and produce a certain level of noise. However, it is possible that between the noises of the coffee machines, the voices of the waiters, the volume of the music or the television and the noise that is made by the crockery in the kitchen, being in a restaurant can be quite annoying for anyone. diner class. All this is increased by the sound waves bouncing off surfaces such as walls, glass and ceilings, which can make the room not as comfortable as desired.

Acoustic comfort is something very important and is increasingly in demand, although it is difficult to reduce noise and offer the desired sound performance. Currently, more and more establishments in the Horeca sector are taking these demands into account and when a room is being fitted out, acoustic comfort plays a very important role. In fact, interior designers take this aspect into account in order to design spaces that are completely comfortable for all kinds of clients. This will have a positive effect on the sound generated in a restaurant, reducing its volume and making the visit to this type of establishment more pleasant.

Acoustic conditioning that benefits the restaurant and customers

We all like to be in a place with good service, a varied menu, with good decoration and above all, not having to be talking loudly so that the diners less than a meter away can find out what we are telling them.

Not only the noises that occur inside the establishment must be taken care of, but also those that come from the outside. For this, there are measures that must be taken into account, such as good glazing that reduces the noise impact from the outside. A double access door can also be another option to provide comfort to all customers in a restaurant. However, the most effective solution, which will be an advantage both for the acoustic performance of the premises and for its design, is the installation of acoustic panels.

With the use of porous or absorbent materials specifically created to reduce the acoustic impact as well as special fabrics such as those of our Ideatec fabric modules reduce sound reverberation and create more comfortable areas in terms of sound. To do this, it is necessary to have a company specialized in this field, where its specialists will carry out an in-depth study of the premises and determine what measures to take into account to ensure that the establishment enjoys good capacity and provides that acoustic comfort that It is so in demand today. Trust in the Ideatec’s experience and professionalism to improve the experience of diners in your restaurant.