Accessories for Ideaperfo sound-absorbing acoustic panels

We present the accessory panels for our family of Ideaperfo products. The family of ideaperfo perforated/microperforated/grooved sound-absorbing acoustic panels. In order to meet all the needs of our customers, it has a series of accessories that integrate and complement each other perfectly.

Accessories for Ideaperfo perforated, micro-perforated and slotted sound-absorbing acoustic panels

Idealight is our first collection of accessory products for integrated lighting. That combines a current design with the best energy efficiency. Elegant lighting that saves energy and respects the environment. All the designs in the collection have been carefully created by studying their perfect forms and functionality. Idealight products are ceiling lamps covered with our melamines and standard sheets, which will give your ceilings perfect continuity in a practical and elegant way.
Acoustic panels accessories Ideallight
Accessory acoustic panels Idealed
The Idealed accessory acoustic panels that allow the choice of optimal lighting without affect the design of your space. LED lighting is integrated into the different models of the Ideaperfo product family, and can be adapted to your image or installation needs. ideaperfo led lighting acoustic panel Accessory wooden panel for lighting false ceilings[/caption ] In addition to the integrated lighting accessory acoustic panels, Ideaperfo can also be combined with two more accessories:

Wood accessory acoustic panels for the air diffusion < /a>and for thehiding speakers in false ceilings

Thanks to all these accessory acoustic panels, at Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions We are convinced that we successfully meet even more demands and needs of our clients so that their projects are as complete as possible. Furthermore, like all the products of the Ideaperfo family, all its accessories have the possibility of fireproofing and waterproofing in a complementary way. At Ideatec we are concerned about the environment and that is why, like all our products, all accessories have been designed with the latest home automation control technology, sustainability and energy efficiency.