Accent HUB offices (2022)

The Accent Hub office project adds the sober and elegant design that identifies it, with the acoustic properties of the IDEALUX FL product. Ideatec products face and respond to any challenge in the manufacture of systems for comprehensive acoustics. We know that our clients value us and choose us as their best option in any installation and service. We work with the latest generation of acoustic conditioning products, and achieve the highest quality finishes.

Projects such as Accent Hub, make a firm and secure commitment to capture and enjoy the highest and most advanced acoustic solutions for offices. They are facilities intended for corporate work and all kinds of projects that must meet conditions
conducive to concentration and well-being.

At the same time, the Accent Hub office has managed to surround itself with a relaxing, visually pleasing environment. This has been achieved above all by valuing the quality and elegant finishes thanks to the wooden panels.

Acoustic panels for offices

This project covers the walls with the IDEALUX FL product, which brings together the best and most advanced qualities in acoustics. Quality solid wood acoustic panels have been used, finished in natural oak veneer and a design in acoustic wood slats. In this way, a modern appearance and an unbeatable acoustic space for meetings and activities typical of work centers have been configured. This product is indicated for wall cladding in decorative acoustic strip panels, as well as for false ceilings in order to achieve the best acoustic conditioning, avoiding external sounds that produce any interference or distraction.

Designing an efficient office where productivity is valued as its best asset has been made possible by installing wood cladding, making sound absorption effective while always taking into account the design of the room. Acoustic systems and sound-absorbing panels that absorb sound and improve concentration and communication between users, creating ideal acoustic comfort for any office.

On the other hand, IDEALUX FL wood slat acoustic panels adapt easily to the installation of wood wall cladding. Therefore, custom-made rooms are created thanks to its multiple finishes, such as melamine, natural veneer or solid wood.

Ideatec quality

If what you need is to add a plus of personality and elegance to a room, made of absorbent material that helps reduce ambient noise, choose decorative acoustic panels. They are part of our range of most demanded products. These are acoustic absorbent panels that have been developed to adapt to any style and interior design.

In this line we have IDEATEC GARDEN and its moss acoustic panels. The qualities of these moss modules are that they are sound-absorbing, hypoallergenic and safe, since they are made of 100% polyester fiber.

Acoustic moss has become an element of a high decorative profile, both in walls and in decorative acoustic ceilings. His lack of maintenance and the results in conditioning projects, as well as his contribution to interior design, have linked him to the design of personalized environments. In this way, the expectations of our customers are met.

This project was installed by Fundecor and MG Integral, professionals in this field.





Product / Finish

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Installation video

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