A space full of life, natural wood rooms

More and more homes incorporate wooden elements, whether in furniture, creation of false ceilings, floors or wall coverings. Natural wood rooms are a trend year after year, and that is because it is a material that fills any space with life. Wood brings a degree of warmth to the room that no other material is capable of achieving. In construction, solid wood is normally used together with other elements such as boards, made of wood fibers. Whether solid or board, wood is a durable and resistant material. In fact, it has been shown that this kind of material can last even for centuries as long as proper maintenance is carried out. Wood has many health benefits. It brings warmth to any room and thanks to its thermal properties, it provides great comfort when walking on it at any time of the year. Incorporating wood into the rooms of a house means being able to configure warm environments for the winter and cooler ones for the summer. In addition, in natural wood rooms, moisture is absorbed and eliminated, giving the home a totally clean and dry environment. The combinations of fabrics that can be used to finish off the decoration of natural wood rooms are very wide, since it allows the main material to be combined with thousands of options to create spaces with a more rustic, modern and even minimalist atmosphere. And if you get tired and want to change the style, you can easily add varnishes or paint the wooden pieces.

Wood, an excellent material for acoustic and thermal conditioning

Natural wood rooms are more than a mere aesthetic and decorative option, since this material provides excellent results in both acoustic and thermal conditioning. The conditioning of wooden houses currently leads to a very interesting advantage: energy efficiency. Wooden houses, due to their low thermal connectivity, avoid sudden losses in temperature and moderate the temperature of the home at any time of the year. Living in a house with a wooden structure, in which the floors and walls are also built with this material, can offer us significant savings in our electricity consumption, since we will need less heating in winter and less use of air conditioning in summer. As for its acoustic performance, wood, being a porous material, absorbs a large part of the sound vibrations, which are trapped in the cavities of the wood. Therefore, the thicker and higher the density, the greater noise blocking will be obtained. As you can see, incorporating wood to the walls, ceilings or furniture of your house means incorporating a well-being that other materials do not provide. With ideatec, you can start by install acoustic panels and enjoy wood in your home. Discover our products and enjoy a personalized and quality treatment.