10 acoustic wall conditioning ideas

Noise is a common problem in commercial premises, public libraries, offices and other places that have to be a refuge against noise pollution. Annoying and continuous sounds generate loss of concentration and lack of rest. To solve it, it is very important to pay attention to the acoustic conditioning of the walls. We will give you 10 ideas for acoustic conditioning to protect from noise.

10 ideas for acoustic conditioning

Take advantage of the furniture

Putting cabinets or shelves full of books against the walls can reduce noise. However, if the noise is coming from another wall, it won’t work.

Building insulation

Insulators can be placed between two brick walls, but work is necessary and a few centimeters of interior space are lost.


The plasterboard is a solution similar to the previous one, but somewhat simpler and cleaner. A few centimeters of space are also lost.

Double glazing

Do not forget that a lot of noise enters through the windows. This part of the wall also has to be insulated.


Cork can be a good insulator. However, it must be combined very well with the decoration so that it is aesthetic.

Exterior walls

In many private houses, the conditioning has been done on the outside to preserve the interior from inclement weather and annoying noise.

Synthetic acoustic panels

There are some thick panels made of synthetic materials that are put directly on the wall and can then be painted. They are easy to install, but difficult to fit into the decoration.

Fabric acoustic panel

Fabric acoustic panels come in different shapes. They alter sound waves and improve acoustics. It only takes a few to enhance any room.

Sound-absorbing textile panel

Textile panels have many advantages. They are perfect for offices or premises. They have a multitude of colors and are easily combined.

Wood panel

It is one of the most affective media, as well as being sustainable and decorative. It is perforated or with slats, which can be placed directly on the wall or to separate spaces.

acondicionamiento acustico

10 ideas for acoustic conditioning

Ideas for acoustic conditioning

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